March 2019: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Restaurant Marketers Need To Pay Attention To March 2019

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

New features for service area businesses on Google My Business

If you have a business that services an area but you don’t have a physical address (like a food truck), Google has recently made a few updates to Google My Business. You can now share your service areas and information about your business via Google Maps and Search. This is HUGE for food trucks because now you can easily be found on Google by people searching food related keywords like “Places to Eat Near Me”.

Facebook Business Page Admins, Editors, and Owners will soon be able to participate in Groups

Facebook just announced new posting and comment management tools updates. In my opinion the most important one for restaurant marketers is the one that allows Facebook Page accounts to participate in Group Pages. This is an amazing opportunity for restaurants interested in building a community around their brand on Facebook. Not only can you create opportunities for engagement by joining existing Group Pages, but you can now build your own Group Pages. Just imagine having a Group Page for members of your loyalty program that you can introduce new items and offer discounts to.

Facebook Adds New CTA Stickers for Page Stories

Facebook Stories New CTA Stickers

Facebook Stories haven’t caught on with the masses yet like it has for their other properties (Instagram and WhatsApp). However, Facebook believes that Stories is the future of social interaction and will eventually take the crown away from the News Feed as the primary method of social sharing on the platform. With that in mind Facebook has now released a new set of CTA stickers for Pages, which will enable businesses to make more effective use of the option via direct response tools.

Twitter is rolling out a new web interface, including an emoji button

Twitter has a new interface for desktop with a few built-in shortcuts that make it easier to navigate on the platform COMING SOON. Twitter’s updated desktop version has condensed from three columns into two. This should make it easier to both read and send tweets. By listening to the people, they also added a large dedicated button in the tweet box that makes it easier to add an emoji as well as an updated trending section that appears on the right-hand side of the page.

Voice Search is changing the value of long-tail and question-phrased keywords

Voice Search is no longer the next big thing, it’s officially here! With more and more people asking Siri and Ok Google questions like “What is the best new steakhouses in Downtown Dallas that deliver with Postmates?” Instead of typing out more traditional search queries, restaurant marketers need to reevaluate what keywords they want to target. The cost of bidding on long-tail keywords and question-phrased keywords is EXTREMELY low right now and will continue to be a buyers market until everyone else catches up.

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