Huge Opportunities Restaurants Should Be Thinking About Today

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Optimizing Your Menu For Delivery & Take Out

The game is changing and more an more consumers are increasingly adopting for off-premise consumption of food via delivery or takeout. This is a HUGE opportunity for restaurants to rework their menus, recipes, and cooking practices so that their dishes retain their flavor and integrity in transit. The three main challenges with food delivery has always been food quality, order accuracy and time of delivery. With apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, Grub Hub, and Door Dash the actual delivery can now be outsourced but as far as food quality and order accuracy that will always be the restaurants responsibility. Here is how we assist our clients on tackling both:

  1. Develop a Delivery/Take Out menu that is a lot more restrictive than your main menu that focus on more pre-set combinations. By eliminating variables from the ordering process you are able to minimize the mistakes that can be made in assembling the order, which will lead to improved order accuracy.
  2. Develop new cooking methods that allow delivered/takeout meals to arrive with the same integrity and consistency as if it were eaten in the restaurant. Test this methods out by sampling meals after they have been sitting wrapped for 30 minutes so you can experience it the same way your customer will experience it.

Localized Social Media Marketing 

If you are a national franchised brand who only relies on “corporate” to handle social media marketing on your behalf than you have a HUGE untapped opportunity. In our opinion a local franchise page will always have a larger impact on brand perception and customer engagement.

One of the first things we do when we get a new client is claim all social media and online reputation/review websites/apps and then get each page set up with updated photos, videos, and accurate UNAP. From there we create individual marketing strategies for each page and assign someone inside the restaurant to be responsible for online reputation management.

Our #1 goal with all of our social media strategies is to work closely with local micro-influencers to help increase brand reach, create brand consistency, and boost engagement. What’s so important with micro-influencers is the trust they have built with a restaurants local audience and how they can leverage that trust into commerce. We’ve had some really big success in the past with partnering the right restaurants with the right micro-influencers that all it ended up costing the restaurants was a few comped meals before their location became an established hang out of that influencer and their audience.

Making Your Specials Actually Special 

Let me tell you a secret…. There are chefs and cooks at almost every restaurant that know how to make something that is incredibly delicious that is not currently on the menu and by not tapping into that potential restaurants are missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

I think it’s a given that if your restaurant happens to sell a product that matches with a food holiday that you should highlight that product on that food holiday but if you’re in a crowded market that might not be enough to get people’s attention. We have found a lot of success just by asking a restaurant cooks where they are from and what do they make in their market that they can’t seem to get in this market. That conversation usually opens the door for a lot of great ideas. Of course we are not suggesting that you abandon the DNA of your restaurant trying to force cuisines that doesn’t fit with your concept but if there is a way to authentically execute regional dishes as a special we think it’s something every restaurant should explore.