On December 23 Glutton Palooza was able to execute a brand awareness event at Revel Night Club in Indianapolis for seafood restaurant Exotic on the Run with a sponsorship from Luc Belaire Rose & Luxe Champagne. 

Here is the step by step strategy and execution for the event. 

December 2nd
Restaurant Exotic on the Run reached out Glutton Palooza about how to increase its brand awareness. After doing some market research we decided that an event targeted at 21-35 women would be the most effective in increasing brand awareness due to them being the primary drivers of food based revenue in the market. 

December 4th
After a few days of strategy the Glutton Palooza team decided that an event based around canvas painting, champagne, and seafood would probably be the most effective way to reach the target demographic. To test this concept we reached out to a micro influencer in the market who had a large following with our target demographic and did a Facebook poll to see who would be interested in going to a Champagne, Crab Legs & Canvas event.

December 11th
The results of the micro influencers poll came back

December 13th
Sponsorship with Luc Belaire Rare Rose & Luxe was secured. Spronosored offered product in exchange for representation on all marketing collateral.

December 14th
Revel Night Club was secured as event venue

December 15th
First promo video was recorded and posted by promo team (40 micro influencers in the market) for Exotic on the Run Presents: Champagne, Crab Legs, & Canvas at Revel Night Club

December 15th
Radio Ad for event was recorded to play on 96.3

December 15th
Pre-Sell tickets are made available on Eventbrite

December 19th
Pre-Sell Tickets officially sold out

December 19th
Group Rates flyer was posted by promotion team across social media

December 20th
Facebook contest for Free Entry or Free bottle of Belaire was announced on social media by our promo team. Instructions included
Share flyer to your page, Tag 3 friends, use #ChampagneCrabLegsCanvas as your status.

December 21st
Radio ad begins playing on 96.3

December 22nd
Event Officially Sells Out

December 22nd
After 1500 people participated in Facebook contest two winners were picked

December 23