Glutton Palooza

partners with venues and event promoters to help answer one of the most important questions millennials have when deciding IF and Where they are going out:
Is There Going To Be Food?
According to a recent poll by Restaurant Marketing Labs, 87% of millennials say they are willing to splurge on eating out even if money is in short supply. Millennials also have a strong preference for convenience; according to 2017 Bernstein analysts 54% eat out at least three times a week or more with the average spending $2889 a year on food away from home.
Glutton Palooza allows venues and event promoters to have a strategic partner that specializes is planning and executing a Food & Beverage program that caters to their specific event and it’s target demographic.

Glutton Palooza Presents

Coming To A City Near You

Frankenfood Festival

Looking for that cheeseburger stuffed donut that you saw on Instagram? Look no further than the Frankenfood Festival where all your mash up food dreams come true.


Cookie Con

Remember when you were a kid eating your granny’s cookies and would start to day dream about growing up and living on an island of cookies? This is as close as you’re getting. You’re Welcome


Champagne & Wings

The only open mic night where the next big things in music are discovered, the best chicken wings on earth are consumed, and bottles of  champagne are popped.



What started out as an increasingly competitive game night with cold beer and warm pretzels developed into a co-ed sports tournament. Sometimes we bowl. Sometimes we play softball. Sometimes we just drink beer and eat pretzels.

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